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Whether you're raising your first round, growing your bootstrapped business, or trying to clean up your books, you can rely on us for your strategic finance and accounting services. 

It doesn't matter if you're a small family business or a VC-backed enterprise scaling your business, we can work together to drive your business forward with precise financial operations, informed decision-making, and a partnership built on results.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

​Effortless financial management with a personalized touch. Experience stress-free, accurate accounting, powered by the latest in cloud technology.

Financial Planning & Analytics

Navigate your way to success with ClearBooks by transforming your financial data into actionable insights.


Transform your financial data with ClearBooks through strategic budgeting, forecasting, and best practices for peak performance.


Streamline your business operations with ClearBooks. From HR to IT, KPIs to sales structuring, streamline every facet of your operation for lean, agile growth.

Fundraising & Exits

Empower your fundraising and exit strategies with ClearBooks. From capital planning to investor-ready financials, captivate potential investors and smoothly navigate exits.


Payroll processing is made easy with ClearBooks. Say goodbye to tedious tasks, compliance concerns, remittances, and year-end hassles. Enjoy a hassle-free payday every time.

Numbers Coaching

Explore how our CFO-level financial coaching can enhance your business. We help you and your team master your financial, strategic, and operational metrics, ensuring alignment with your goals. Our service includes a 12-month forecast and monthly meetings to review and update these forecasts, keeping your performance on track.

Why choose ClearBooks

Time saved, focus gained

Prioritize your core business functions while handling supporting functions, saving you time and helping you stay focused on your business. 

Seamless integration

We facilitate seamless integration of financial processes throughout your business, ensuring alignment and consistency.

Comprehensive range of services

Beyond accounting, we offer a comprehensive range of finance and accounting services, including bookkeeping, payroll best practices, AP and AR processing, financial planning, and fundraising from a single source.

Proven track record

Trust our proven track record in delivering reliable and efficient fractional CFO services. Join the ranks of businesses thriving with ClearBooks by their side.

Highly experienced team

We offer comprehensive finance and accounting services, including specialized expertise in payroll, FP&A, and fundraising. Our highly experienced team is led by a seasoned CFO who holds CPA and CPFA certifications, as well as an MBA.

Powerful financial management services

We offer powerful financial management services that enable businesses to address their most pressing financial challenges. With our solutions, organizations can refine their financial strategies and make more informed decisions.

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