Fractional finance and accounting services that fit your business

ClearBooks’ finance and accounting services are a great way to get the specialized assistance you need for your business. With ClearBooks, you can be confident that you will receive expert support for all of our core services, or select only the ones you need.

Reduce costs and increase efficiencies
Build a balanced scorecard
Trend revenues and expenses and make recommendations
Drive business goals and objectives
Plan sales targets and execution
Benchmark KPIs against industry standards
Accounting & Bookkeeping

Accounting simplified

Accurate, stress-free accounting is at the heart of what we do at ClearBooks. We understand the challenges of finding reliable accounting and bookkeeping talent and strive to make it simple for you. Our proven online processes, powered by cutting-edge cloud technology, are tailored to fit your business needs.

Transaction recording and categorization
Accounts Payables and Receivables management  
Bank and credit card reconciliations
Cash to accrual conversions
Expense report management
Monthly financial statements (Income statement, balance sheet & cash flow statement)
Financial Planning & Analytics 

Charting a path to success

Navigate the path to success with our Financial Planning & Analytics Services, where we transform your financial data into actionable insights. Build the foundation that helps you grow with the Clearbooks team.

Strategic business planning
Data-driven decision-making
Budgeting and forecasting 
CapEx analysis  
Financial modeling and scenario analysis 
Business and industry benchmarking

Transforming financial data  

Trust in our Controllership Services to access financial expertise for your growing company. Our comprehensive solutions include budgeting, forecasting, investor reporting, and more, guiding your financial strategy and decision-making.

Budgeting and forecasting 
Vendor re-negotiations
Cashflow management 
Accounts Receiveable collections 
Support with year-end reporting, tax planning, and annual audit
STTR/SBIR Federal Awards Accounting

Streamline your business operations 

From day-to-day tasks to strategic planning, ClearBooks ensures operational efficiency and smooth workflows. Our tailored solutions cover a spectrum of operational needs, allowing you to focus on core business objectives.

Revenue planning and oversight 
Hiring, compensation, and bonus planning
KPI development and monitoring
IT due diligence and purchase decisions 
Pricing model and strategies
Sales planning and commission structuring
Fundraising & Exits

Empowering growth and exits

Empower your fundraising initiatives with ClearBooks. We will assist you every step of the way helping you to attract investors or smoothly navigate an exit.

Capital planning & structuring
Stakeholder reporting
Investor-ready financials
Exit strategy development
Business valuation assistance

Efficient payroll processing

Struggling with payroll? Say goodbye to dealing with disparate systems, ensuring compliance, and creating strategies that generate value. At ClearBooks, we offer strategic payroll services and support to help you manage payroll efficiently, ensure employees are paid correctly, and meet all legal requirements.

Payroll process optimization 
Compensation planning
Compliance with local, state, and federal regulations
Support for year-end payroll processing 
Integration with HR systems 
Support with IRS and/or payroll audits

Financial Coaching for Sustainable Business Growth

Our Numbers Coaching offers valuable solutions for you and your team to thoroughly understand and effectively manage your financial, strategic, and operational metrics. This service ensures that all critical performance metrics—actual versus goals—are regularly updated while delivering insights that foster sustainable growth.

12-month financial forecasting
In-depth financial reporting review
Monthly forecast updates and performance reviews
Monthly numbers coaching sessions
KPI scorecard and financial plan development
Documented action steps for improvement

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